Some people take the chances of earning money from photography, especially those who have professional skills and passion for it. Photography can be made as a career, hobby, or business. There is no question as to why there are many existing studio managers and photography assistants in the field. However, have you considered running your own photography business? It is the most ideal way to earn more income.  

 When considering building your own photography business, generic photography may not suffice. Just like in medicine, there exist different fields and specializations. You might have heard photography professionals like Wedding Photographers, portrait photographers, architectural photographers, fashion photographers, and more. You need to identify and create your own niche to be successful in the world of photography.  

Here, we provide you the different fields in photography that you can embark on your career.  

1.Wedding photography 

This field is considered to be one of the most rewarding fields in photography. there are a lot of benefits to it: this is a high-paying service, it is booked far out in advance, and they last for a few hours, not to mention the beautiful opportunity to witness one of the most important events for couples. Especially with the rocketing number of divorce in the United States, this doubles and even triples your prospective clients.  

 Pro tip: attend some bridal shows, or become more active in your church for more exposure. 

 2.Food photography 

Food photography involves showcasing the food and drinks in the most appetizing way you can. You can start with small local restaurants in your place that do not have a social media presence. They may consider paying you for your shots of their food and drinks.  

 The only challenge is to convince them that they need your photographs for advertising.  

 Bigger restaurants are more demanding so start with small, local restaurants. 

 3.Brand photography 

If there are certain brands that appeal to you the most, you might consider taking shots for their marketing campaigns. Photographers are needed in this field because different organizations and brands need someone to provide what they need to advertise. You can start by curating your own online portfolio to advertise yourself. Again, you can start with local brands that do not have or at least have a less online presence.  

 4.Real Estate Photography 

If you are into interior designing and real estate, this filed is befitting. Some real-estate agents or companies hire photographers to excel in the competition. All you need to do is to be creative in making everybody imagine and picture out living in the space of the house you are featuring on your photos.  

 This field is also flexible as you can choose to work for a real estate photography company or work freelance. 


Generic photography is not ideal to have when you want to excel and succeed in the photography world. You cannot master all the skills; so, you better concentrate on learning one and excel at doing it. Building your own business on photography can both be gratifying, passion and career-wise.