Many people recognize the benefit that massage provides both in physical and mental aspects, and this is why more and more spa services are popping everywhere. You can find a massage in Erie PA and other parts of the state that offer quality spa service that every customer deserves. While many are convinced about the massage’s advantages, there are people who think that to have some relaxing time would cost them a dime. But the real thing, while it is best to go to professionals for a more effective massage therapy, you can still experience this by learning some techniques that professional massage therapist does to their customers. Here, we will provide some massage tips you can do at home.

1.Head massage

To do a good and effective head massage, place your two hands on the head while spreading your fingers to the sides of the head and slowly move your hands up the same way you do while shampooing your hard during a bath. When your hands reach the top of the head, slowly and gently glide off your hands. Lower and move them around to reach other areas of the head. Repeat the entire process to different parts of the head and scalp while doing a rubbing motion on your fingertips.

2.Foot massage

To have a more convenient massage on these parts, apply some oil or lubricant before doing the massage. To begin the massage, use the flat portion of your palm and gently glide over the bottom of the foot and do it repetitively. Hold the foot with your two hands while applying pressure through your thumbs on the bottom of the foot working your way to the toes.

Your feet have nerve connections to the other important parts of your body. By doing foot massage, you can prevent stress, headaches and even insomnia.

This massage is best done to relieve stress and has been used for this purpose since its origin in India and its Ayurvedic healing purpose.

3.Shoulder massage

Place your hands on each shoulder putting your thumbs on the upper back while the rest of the fingers are on the side of the collar bone. Do a circular motion on your entire hand while also making a circular rubbing motion with your fingertips on the side of the backbone. To achieve a more effective massage in this area, use both hands for each shoulder.

These areas have more tension compared to the rest of the body parts and massaging these areas effectively bring relief to the patient.

4.Hand massage

Open the hand and hold the wrist while putting some pressure to the palm up to the finger. Give a gentle rub on each finger and pull them a little bit after. Put their wrist in between your two wrists and shake them to finish the hand massage.

Final thoughts

You do not need to have expensive massage therapy to experience its therapeutic effects. You can do some simple techniques done by experts. But of course, a professional touch is more effective and healing.